Sensegram partnership

Focus on user and all else will follow

Whether you are remote camera manufacturer, distributor, reseller or after sales organization, we all have mutual mission – improve user experience. When we focus on user, all else will follow. Whether we design new camera feature, new informative video, truthful advertisement, sales campaign or value adding service, user must be in focus rather than our own goals.

We in Sensegram team are committed to mutual mission. Our commitment led us to design and release Sensegram service. Sensegram with Sensegram tested camera changes the way how user experiences a setup and a use of one or more remote cameras.

That is great and not even the whole story. Sensegram is useful for all of us. What it will bring to you, when you become Sensegram partner?


You can introduce and market your camera with Sensegram –solution, which will provide the best user experience to camera users.


When you offer and campaign your camera with Sensegram –solution, it will help you to boost sales, offer setup service and lower customer support rates in your distribution network. We have tools for you and your network.


You can show, how you master remote cameras. You may offer e.g. setup services. With the help of camera with Sensegram –solution, you really create happy customer spreading the word for you. Customer will come back.


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