Sensegram Business

Wireless trail camera based surveillance network – The first in the world!

Urgent surveillance need?

No mains available? No WiFi?

Implement Your surveillance solution with the help of Sensegram Business and wireless trail cameras! Only extra requirement is a mobile phone network coverage.

Do you need the most flexible surveillance solution to…

easily manage users, wireless trail cameras and changing surveillance spots?

Sensegram Business is Your solution.

Detach, move and mount again!

Need to change your surveillance network? Detach camera(s), move and mount again. Reconfigure user rights. Few mouse clicks and drag&drops and all done!

Your solution



  • The only fully transferable surveillance solution
  • No need for mains or WiFi
  • Fast and easy user and camera management
  • Cost efficient and flexible solution
  • Fast deployment

Exited? We are, because we can offer this to You! Contact us!

We deliver turnkey solution or connect your existing wireless cameras to Sensegram Business. Easy!

Are you interested in delivering Sensegram Business in your territory? Contact us.

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Sensegram Team

Petri Morko

Sensegram Business Owner
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